Come on, come out

Spend the day outside communing with nature. Seriously.
It's like pushing a reset button on your mind and wiping out the crazy.

-Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin in the Skinny Bitch series (which I picked up at the library but don't exactly recommend, although it has its moments.)

I'm a firm believer in the crazy-erasing effect of spending any decent amount of time outside, whether it's a day-long hike in the rainforest or a 20 minute walk down a tree-lined street (which is how I came to take this photo.)

Winter pet peeve

Umbrellas for little kids. When did they even start making these?

It's stressful enough to walk down a city street crowded with adults carrying umbrellas (especially now that some people think that golf umbrellas are appropriate for city use, which, NO they are NOT.) But in the past couple weeks I've seen a decent number of kids under the age of 6 "carrying" (more like swinging around haphazardly) their own child sized umbrellas downtown. Giving your kid a pointy thing that's exactly at adults' eye level in a crowded city setting = TERRIBLE idea, parents.

Everyone under the age of 12 should just stick with hooded rain slickers and galoshes, which are more fun for kids anyway, amirite? I mean, I'm pretty sure I didn't even own an umbrella until college.

Cheesy zing of the day

I thought I was shopping on, not!


The New Testament...

...abridged in graffiti on a San Francisco sidewalk.

It's been years since my Bible Bowl days, but the first thing I thought when I saw this was that it's a pretty good summary of the God I was taught about as a kid in Lutheran church. I'm not exactly religious anymore, but I have all positive memories and a really huge respect for the church I was raised in.

Since these days I generally commune on Sunday mornings over mimosas and waffles instead of wine and wafers, I'll take my gospel anywhere I can get it.