Summertime makes me particularly prone to nostalgia.  I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in this-- those Country Time Lemonade commercials are basically nothing but nostalgia overload, right?

The nostalgia coupled with the basic laziness of the season makes summer the perfect time for revisiting old favorites-- books, music, perfumes, foods, perspectives. So, here's a poem from one of my most favorite books growing up: Hey World, Here I Am! by Jean Little. 


Today I will not live up to my potential.
Today I will not relate well to my peer group.
Today I will not contribute in class.
       I will not volunteer one thing.
Today I will not strive to do better.
Today I will not achieve or adjust or grow enriched or get involved.
I will not put up my hand even if the teacher is wrong and I can prove it.

Today I might eat the eraser off my pencil.
l'll look at clouds.
l'll be late.
I don't think I'll wash.

I need a rest.
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