Hugh Hefner On California

"All the pretty ladies are livin' out here," Hefner said. "They've been coming here since the early twentieth century. And when they didn't get into movies they became shopgirls and waitresses and they got married and had beautiful children, so you have this per-capita beauty phenomenon going on here that is second to none."

From a fun, short interview with Hugh Hefner in the May 10 New Yorker. I'm not the biggest fan of the present-day Playboy persona, but I do kind of dig the Playboy vibe of the 1960's (which was, incidentally, when Hefner first moved to the Golden State.)
By mary jo at 1:05 p.m. June 22, 2010
I agree! I bet that Brett never told you I was a Homecoming Queen at Colby College in Maine, and here I am...out in California... with two gorgeous sons.
I have fun reading your blogs!
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