"I'd recommend they get off their computers."

Last night after dinner we caught up on a couple of episodes of the Colbert Report.  I have to say, I scoffed when Peter Cove, a somewhat too nattily dressed man (bow tie, pocket square) with a huge handlebar moustache, was introduced as an "expert" on employment. I thought, "How could someone who looks so ridiculous have any practical advice on anything?"

As soon as he started talking, though, I realized I was wrong to have written him off so quickly. The guy had some great insights! Just another lesson to not judge a book by its cover.

His first piece of advice to people seeking work:
"I'd recommend they get off their computers, and go out and talk to people they know. Use their networks."

His advice to recent college graduates deciding between grad school and the workforce:

"I think it's a good idea to get out there and start working, even as an intern."

On how to work your acquaintances for job leads:

"Absolutely, you should nag friends! And ask their friends to nag other friends."

His top two interview tips:

"Ask the person about themselves. Second, give them eye contact."
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