On Earnestness

Young people in big cities like New York, Mr. Gessen said, "are willing to acknowledge that they’re a class only ironically. So they’ll have their ironic kickball games. Their ironic magazines."

"They’re willing to have the privileges of their class," Mr. Gessen added, "to go to a good college, and be subsidized in their New York lives by their parents, but maybe not willing to be written about."

... "[Readers of n+1] can’t tell if we’re kidding," he said. "They can’t tell how much of it is in earnest."

"It’s all in earnest."

I know I'm way behind on looking into Keith Gessen and n+1, but I just read this (nearly 2-year old) interview promoting his book and I want to know much, much more. I may just shell out the $150 for a 2-year subscription and all the back issues.

n+1 seems like the anti-McSweeney's and right now that sounds very refreshing to me.
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