California here we come

I'm here with a second annual helping of summertime nostalgia: Watching The O.C. with friends was prety much a staple of my otherwise TV-less college experience. Yes, the plotlines were silly and the actors were beautiful, but somehow The O.C. had just enough wit and emotional depth to feel a bit more substantial than other guilty pleasure TV shows.

Most importantly, with all its gorgeous shots of Coastal California, it played right into the excitement I felt during senior year about my then-upcoming move to the West Coast. And after more than 3 years, I still get a nervous, happy feeling when I hear the first notes to Phantom Planet's "California." Hey, media (and memory) can be a very powerful thing.

Anyway, I just came across this yesterday night and it made me irrationally, dumbfoundedly exuberant. For some reason, the fact that there's a blog called "FuckYeahTheOC" has made me love, and, relatedly, our brilliant, crazy, funemployed media-saturated generation even more than I already did.
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