The kind that likes to grow up

Have you ever read the last chapter (Chapter 17, to be precise) of The Adventures of Peter Pan?  Me neither, until today. It's kind of a cool "where are they now." And, as wonderful as the idea of Neverland seems, I think Wendy has the happiest ending of all:

That was the last time the girl Wendy ever saw [Peter Pan]. For a little longer she tried for his sake not to have growing pains; and she felt she was untrue to him when she got a prize for general knowledge. But the years came and went without bringing the careless boy; and when they met again Wendy was a married woman, and Peter was no more to her than a little dust in the box in which she had kept her toys.

Wendy was grown up. You need not be sorry for her. She was one of the kind that likes to grow up. In the end she grew up of her own free will a day quicker than other girls.
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