Kate Hudson sounds like fun

I know the whole growing-up-as-Hollywood-royalty-by-being-the-daughter-of-Goldie-Hawn-and-Kurt-Russell thing might add to her apparently awesomely blissful personality, but the latest cover story in Elle Magazine kind of made me like Kate Hudson.  Which is saying a lot, because I've always just thought of her as that annoying "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" girl.

The article's tipping point for me:

"Let me give you an idea about Kate," [Kate Hudson's lifelong friend Jen] Meyer says. "You go spend a day with her, and you'll go into her house and she will be in a bikini, having just been lying out, walking around with the most perfect body you've ever seen in your life. She'll be saying to [her son] Ryder, 'Honey, we're going to go on a bike ride in just a few minutes; Mommy's just making you a banana souffle'-- no cookbooks out-- and, at the same time, go, 'Oh my God, Jen, you have to hear this,' and she'll go over to the piano and play a perfect song she just wrote like it's nothing.  You go, 'Okay, that was amazing,' and she runs right back to the kitchen, gets the banana souffle out-- it's the greatest banana souffle you've ever had-- and she throws on her helmet and gets on the bike with Ryder."

Um, Kate Hudson, can we seriously be friends?
By elycia at 3:06 p.m. Jan. 16, 2009
I totally thought the same thing as I was reading the article. However, you are a bit closer to her geographically, so it looks like you'll just have to introduce me when you both are BFF. Ha.
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