Real talk from John McLaughlin

I have to say a highlight of my birthday was the McLaughlin Group's January 2nd episode**.  Well, specifically, John McLaughlin's "macro-prediction" for the year ahead:

"2009 will be the year when it will gradually dawn on U.S. policymakers that the cause of the global economic crisis is globalism itself. The premise that, as we shifted jobs to developing countries, new jobs would develop here to replace them is false. It is not possible to shift production jobs and service jobs to low-cost countries without hollowing out the purchasing power of the middle class."

My heartbeat actually sped up as I watched him say this, because I am so excited for this kind of real talk to be getting airtime and coming from such a respected person. I hope he's right that the next 12 months will bring a sea-change in way we perceive the pros and cons of our increasingly "flat" world. 

**I'm 25 now, which is safely and unabashedly grown up, so I am going to refrain from making any "Oh, ha-ha, isn't that so nerdy and boring of me" apologies/jokes. Because on the real, John McLaughlin is awesome, and is definitely on all my fantasy birthday/dinner/cocktail party guest lists.
By dad at 4:19 a.m. Jan. 11, 2009
USW President Leo Gerard has been running with this for some time now. PGH Post-Gazette article:

I have feared the US transition to a "service-based" economy, for some time now. Service jobs are fine and good and necessary but . . . who are you servicing when the whole economy is "service-based"?
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