Tory Burch on negativity and noise

Do you have a mantra or a phrase that you live by?

"Negativity is noise."


I liked this bit in the Q&A with Tory Burch in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar. I personally don't own any Tory Burch things -- I just tend to shy away from wearing bold prints and bright colors, though I do like her new fragrance -- but I certainly admire Burch as a businesswoman who's built one of the most recognizable and successful new fashion brands in decades.

Reading the quote above reminded me that she's actually grown her company amidst quite a bit of negativity and noise, much of it quite personal and undoubtedly hurtful. It's kind of remarkable that despite the public turmoil, when you think of Tory Burch you never think of any type of trouble: She and her company have maintained a cool, crisp, serene, and successful image through it all. It's funny how sometimes the truest grit can be found in what looks like a pretty and peaceful package.

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