"No one likes to admit they're being helped."

"No one
likes to pay out money. No one likes to admit that they're being helped. Very few people like to admit that other people have made a contribution to their success."

-- This entire 60 Minutes segment from 1975 on the late Hollywood agent Sue Mengers is fascinating (I've been reading up on her after this LA Times article about the Broadway play based on her career.) I especially liked what she said in the excerpt above, about why agents and marketers and their ilk get a bad rap.

At its core, business is where people hustle to get paid for the value they add to the world. If you're someone who is comfortably on salary in some established industry, it can be easy to forget that.

Back in her day, Mengers clearly hustled to get her 10%, and blazed the trail for a lot of modern consultants in the process. That woman knew how to give good phone. (And her manicure was on point.)

Also, the whole pace and tone of 60 Minutes in the 1970s was good stuff. Straightforward interviews, some of them over a glass of wine, edited together to run under 10 minutes. No fancy graphics or artsy camerawork. Simple and effective.
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