"A complete Gump moment"

"...The small audience of elite editors and buyers, squashed together like bugs, stares at this strangeness [in the Comme des Garçons runway show]. No face seems to say, 'Hey, what gives here?' There is fierce applause.

Backstage, Rei Kawakubo awaits the people who will come to congratulate her, and to seek an explanation. The founder of Comme des Garçons hardly ever goes out on the runway. She is a tiny woman, a force of will.

An editor asks in earnest about shape, silhouette.

Ms. Kawakubo mumbles something in Japanese, which her husband, Adrian Joffe, next to her, translates:

'She says she couldn’t think of anything new, so she decided not to make any clothes.'

It was a complete Gump moment, as when the Tom Hanks character decided to stop running and return home to Alabama, leaving his followers stranded in the middle of nowhere. What did it mean? It meant absolutely nothing."

Once again, Cathy Horyn's writing in the New York Times Style section is by far the best reason to pay attention to fashion news. I wish she'd do more of her individual profiles.

Also, between Comme des Garçons bascially punking everyone and Rick Owens' decision to showcase his Spring 2014 designs on several gorgeous step teams (instead of on a fleet of emaciated teenaged models, which is unfortunately the norm), it sounds like this might have been the best Paris Fashion Week of all time.
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