On politesse

"Someone once objected to French manners, claiming they were all on the surface. James McNeill Whistler replied, 'Well, you know, a very good place to have them.' "

- From a good "get off my lawn" style critique of the current cult of informality in restaurants in the June/July issue of Town and Country

During my most recent visit to New York City last month, I finally went to La Grenouille, the classic French restaurant in Manhattan pictured above (it has the most flattering rosy lighting that's apparently a point of obsession for the owner.) The T&C author holds up La Grenouille as one of the last paragons of really elegant service, and I have to say that classic style of etiquette can be really nice once in a while. It turns out that when manners are done right, the effect is not snooty at all -- it's actually very welcoming.
By santiago at 9:06 a.m. June 18, 2013
hi colleen, the restaurant looks great in
the picture, did you like the food ?
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