For posterity's sake

"Strategy is just the story you tell everybody after you’ve done it."

-- Franck Riboud, CEO of French consumer products giant Danone (known here in the US as Dannon)

This is from a well-written New York Times T Magazine story about François-Henri Pinault, who is currently the top exec at French luxury fashion conglomerate LVMH. It was a nicely arranged story that equally sated my appetites for both fashion and business news.

In fact, I only just read the February 15th edition of T Magazine this past week when I picked it up in a hotel gym, and the whole issue was quite good. In addition to the Pinault piece, I also enjoyed the thoughtful and fun interview with Lee Radziwill, who these days very rarely speaks to the press. When it comes to Princess Radziwill, you can read the whole thing and also watch the online video embedded here.
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