The woman who waits

"The woman who waits for something magical to happen will die beautiful, ignored, overlooked, curled in her 'shell,' jabbering in three languages, never realizing the potential she possessed all along."

-- from Elle Magazine's February 2013 "Ask E. Jean" advice column, in response to an overachieving, conventionally pretty tri-lingual reader who has found herself faltering in her late twenties after years of excelling in forums such as school.

I can say without hesitation that E. Jean Carroll's column is the number one reason that I continue to subscribe to Elle. She is just an absolute gem. 

Her advice in this instance also dovetails very well with the recent Harvard Business Review article which I discovered thanks to the lovely Laura Oppenheimer, entitled "Women Need To Realize Work Isn't School."
By katy at 2:56 p.m. Jan. 18, 2013
I really like this post and the link to the article. It's a nice dose of midweek inspiration!
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