A year in smartphone snaps

At year's end, I like to take time to look back on all the photos I've taken during the past twelve months. It can be easy to forget the places you've been and all that you've seen -- looking back makes me grateful for highlights that might not have been at the front of my mind otherwise.

This year I also looked at the photos taken with my smartphone, which turned out to be a different kind of retrospective. I don't have an iPhone, so my camera phone kind of stinks -- I use it more to look at things from another angle than anything else. "Real memories" I try to use a proper camera for.

So going through my mobile photo album was equal parts embarrassing, boring, yet also weirdly entertaining -- like cleaning out your belly button or looking back at your search engine history (have I really Googled 'did Anne Hathaway have a nosejob' and 'cash out big booty lyrics'? Yes, yes I have.)

Anyway, just for kicks, I thought I'd share some of the trends I've found from my past year in dumb smartphone photos. 

Perhaps more than anything else, I documented my experimentation with a lot of new nail colors:

I took a crap ton of photos of drinks -- some healthy, most not so much:

I had a lot of meals -- the majority of which were apparently eggs benedict:

I tried wearing bright lipstick -- and I used my phone as a makeshift mirror to check on it obsessively while out and about (still trying to get used to that look):

I window-shopped -- for clothes, sunglasses and shoes -- and sometimes tried stuff on (pretty sure I didn't buy any of these things):

I saw and snapped pics of a lot of cute animals. Mostly dogs, but also peacocks, mounted elk, and baby ostriches:

I took very blurry photos of Weezer, Third Eye Blind, and Jay-Z on stage -- all of whom I saw perform for free at various work events (who said there's a tech bubble?)

Also in that vein of humble bragging (or just brag bragging), I took cellphone photos of some pretty fun firsts: Appearing on TV and getting ready to test-drive the car of the year, the Tesla Model S:

There's a lot more where that came from (I had an extremely nasty pimple inside my ear back in January 2012 that I documented very well) but I will spare you from too much TMI.

Anyway. Here's to more naval gazing moments in 2013. Auld lang syne to you all.
By debbie sterling at 7:33 p.m. Jan. 2, 2013
Where did you find those platform gold sparkly shoes? I need them.
By colleen at 10:13 p.m. Jan. 3, 2013
Hey Debra! If you mean the ones with the sparkles on the soles, those were Lanvin I think -- I saw them at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. And I'm pretty sure they cost roughly a zillion dollars.

Those bigger gold sparkly wedge platforms were at DSW but I didn't note the maker -- I just had to take a photo of how fun they were.
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