A back to basics reminder

These days I've been feeling that my hair is too long, too raggedy, too tangle-prone, and frankly an overall sloppy mess. I mean, the last haircut I had was this past July, and it was one I gave myself over the bathroom sink (so does that even count as a haircut?) 

So I've been thinking a lot lately about splurging on a big professional haircut to just chop it all off. Not quite Anne Hathaway style, but you know, get some kind of a "chic bob" going. Maybe add some subtle layers. A real grown-up look.

And then, I see a photo like the one above of the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

I'm putting it here to serve as a reminder to myself that it's never a bad idea to second guess certain impulses that tend to tug on the heartstrings every once in a while -- whether it's "spring for an expensive drastic haircut" or "get fun Katy Perry nail art" or "add a bunch of false hair extensions" or "layer on tons of big blingy 'statement' jewelry." 

Those things look really, really amazing on some people. But if it doesn't quite feel right to you, you are probably better off sticking to the basics. More often than not, that haircut isn't going to change your look as much as you think it will. And no matter what, simple is almost always beautiful.