Your golden gated cities

I have to admit: When the weather is finally nice in San Francisco, it's pretty difficult to have a case of the Mondays.

If you can swing it in the next couple days of this heat wave, you should really head to the western part of the city-- it's nice to be at an SF beach without needing to bundle up.

N.B.: All the photos below were taken after 3:30pm, so even you breadwinners out there can take in these sights on a weekday if you're able to duck out of work a couple hours early one day (go on, do it!) Weekdays are the best because the beaches and trails are so much quieter.

China Beach (and my toes-- Essie Chinchilly, in case you were curious)

Land's End coastal trail

French 75 at the Cliff House

Feeling artsy post-cocktail

Another PSA...

... about the things that can be seen in San Francisco while outside during business hours.

They got goats to mow the Presidio!

This is a public service announcement

... about the things one can see on a weekday in San Francisco while outside of an office between the hours of 9am-5pm. 

This may become a recurring feature.