Like a horse and carriage

I love discussing celebrity/society/media gossip with my husband, because it gives me first-hand insight into the perspective of the general population (i.e., people who literally couldn't care less about such nonsense.)

Me: [Catching up on news on my laptop] Geez, everyone's announced pregnancies recently!
B: Oh really? Like, your friends?
Me: Well, no, I mean celebrities. There's Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham...
B: [His face registers recognition of the first two names, but I lose him on the third]
Me: Victoria Beckham is Posh Spice? From the Spice Girls? She's married to David Beckham.
B: Oh, right! Well, that's nice.
Me: And also Ivanka Trump!
B: [Another blank look.]
Me: She's Donald Trump's daughter?
B: [Registering recognition, but still blank look as to why she, herself, is notable]
Me: You know, she married Jared Kushner?
B: [Face lights up] Oh, the guy from the Subway commercials?

Your golden gated cities

I have to admit: When the weather is finally nice in San Francisco, it's pretty difficult to have a case of the Mondays.

If you can swing it in the next couple days of this heat wave, you should really head to the western part of the city-- it's nice to be at an SF beach without needing to bundle up.

N.B.: All the photos below were taken after 3:30pm, so even you breadwinners out there can take in these sights on a weekday if you're able to duck out of work a couple hours early one day (go on, do it!) Weekdays are the best because the beaches and trails are so much quieter.

China Beach (and my toes-- Essie Chinchilly, in case you were curious)

Land's End coastal trail

French 75 at the Cliff House

Feeling artsy post-cocktail

Summer Wind

San Francisco I love you, but you're bringing me down.

I know most of the country has been absolutely sweltering this summer, so the "Eternal Spring of San Francisco" seems silly to complain about-- I usually do love it. But this summer has been particularly chilly and gray-- and week after week of fog during the longest days of the year can really get to you.

Thank God for road trips!

Bon App├ętit

On Sunday night, I was craving popcorn and passive entertainment, so I went on a little movie date to see Julie & Julia. Let me just say: I heartily recommend spending the $10 or so to go see this movie in a theater.

It's not that the film itself is so fantastic-- I mean, I liked it and it's cute, but it didn't alter my worldview or anything. It's that something happens about halfway through the movie that you'd just have to see for yourself to believe.  Get this: A very, very visible boom mic dips and lingers into the frame no fewer than three separate times within a couple of minutes. In a scene that includes Meryl Streep, no less!

I'm no A.O. Scott or anything, but even I can tell that that's pretty awesomely bad. I've heard phantom stories of boom mic appearances in, like, Star Trek Season 1 episodes from the 60's, but I'd never actually seen one for myself. And for it to make it into a modern, big budget movie's final cut is amazing. What's most remarkable to me is that I hadn't seen mention of it in any reviews-- how did that happen?

So please, do yourselves a favor and see it on the big screen for yourself, before it's airbrushed out of the DVD version.