Funny people

Elle: "Do you think you can keep all this [writing, acting, stand-up, rapping] up?"

Donald Glover: "It's the same as asking,
Do you think you'll live forever? No. But I'm going to try! Also, I'm working on a device that will make me live forever."

Just discovered Donald Glover in the October issue of Elle Magazine and kind of love what I've found.

An honest mistake

"I've def been thinking of you though Colleen -- I told my boss he needed to put down the bottle the other day."

--email from a friend

At first blush I was a tad offended-- I thought my friend was saying that his boss' alcohol problem reminded him of me! But I then realized he was referring to the fact that "put down the bottle" is a phrase I use frequently when someone (sober or not) says or does something goofy.

Either way, I suppose, it's nice to be remembered for something!

Beggars, choosers, etc.

"Can you spare some change, miss? So I can get a Kombucha?"
-bum at the corner of Haight and Ashbury

The worst part is, I could kind of relate to his desperation. GT Dave's stuff doesn't exactly come cheap.

You know you're from San Francisco when...

London fog from way up above; November 2009 of the things you miss most while traveling is regular access to recycling and composting bins.