On raising city kids

I picked up the August issue of Vogue to read during the WiFi-less flight I took this past weekend (Mental note: I really should subscribe, since now that I think of it I probably buy at least 6 issues per year off the newsstand.) 

Anyway, Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover, and the interview with her is pretty good. Two things I especially loved:

1. In every photo she's still rocking the Manolo Blahniks-- the defining brand for the Carrie Bradshaw era -- even now that the trendy set has mostly jumped ship to Christian Louboutin. Now that's dancing with the one that brung ya.

2. Her reasoning for deciding to raise her family in New York City, despite the fact that she has three young children:

"You do start to understand the behind-the-gate mentality, the getting in the car in your driveway... but I can't imagine living in seclusion. We flirted with it. We went outside the city and troubled all these realtors and stood in these homes and fantasized, and then I kept picturing nine o'clock at night and" -- she breaks into mime drumming her fingers on her crossed knees and staring into the middle distance. 

"The beautiful thing about New York is, you have to expose yourself to other people the minute you step outside the door. There is no choice. And I love that.