"I've spent a lot of time in Mexico, and in Mexican culture they embrace death," Fonda explains. "On All Saints Day they sit on their ancestors' graves and they drink and they laugh. That's how to do it. To know it's coming, to try to understand. You're shortchanging yourself in life if you don't countenance your mortality."

--Jane Fonda on aging in the November issue of Elle Magazine.

It may be partly that I've got "sexy fill-in-the-blank" fatigue, but I'm starting to think Dia de los Muertos (traditionally celebrated November 1st-2nd) is a much more interesting holiday than Halloween.

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While you're still in the pink

Woody Allen says "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think" (again) in a very readable little interview with the New York Times.

Photo by Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

Q: How do you feel about the aging process?

A: Well, I’m against it. [laughs] I think it has nothing to recommend it. You don’t gain any wisdom as the years go by. You fall apart, is what happens. People try and put a nice varnish on it, and say, well, you mellow. You come to understand life and accept things. But you’d trade all of that for being 35 again.